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Email of the Day

The Dr. Laura Diet

Dr. Laura:

I've been in broadcasting all my life.  25 years ago, I was assigned to listen to you for our stations.  I didn't really like what you said, but you are such an engaging, "take no prisoners" broadcaster, that I fell in love with you.  I was raised by parents that you try to help your callers to be.  They taught us kids morals and manners.  No woman I dated would ever have to wait for me to open the door!

But television and radio stations are full of beautiful young women who are only there for a few years.  So, at the time, all I saw were "hot" babes with no commitments.  Sport sex was my obsession.  I thought "what a life!"  But after listening to you for about three years, your message finally came through.  I came to my senses and decided I wanted a different life.  I wanted the love of a good woman and everything that came with a "well-fed" marriage.  I also needed someone with discipline, so we could accumulate wealth for the days ahead.  I made a lot of money, but I had nothing.  

Twenty-one years ago, I found that person.  We'll be married twenty years this year.  I finally have a fantastic personal life.  When I ask "how did this happen to me," I think it was you opening my mind and teaching me to think.  Just think.  Use the brain God gave me.  I've been on the "Dr. Laura diet" on and off for the last 25 years.  You've defined the direction of my moral compass when I've ticked off course, and your advice has always come at a time when I needed it.  You've helped me more than I thought some radio talk show host ever could.  Thank you for telling me I could change.  Live long and prosper!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Job, Men's Point of View, Values
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