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Letters From Listeners

The First Time Holding My Baby
Wow, I can't say what a wonderful day that was. 48 hours of labor and 14 days over my due date I was one happy and proud momma. My first born son was 8lbs and holding his head up. He was a joy and thinking about him brings tears to my eyes today.  Time flies by so fast, but I can remember the doctor watching "Jeopardy" while I was in labor. I never yelled or screamed during labor, I just wanted to hold my baby boy.

Now almost 21 years later, I look back on that day and remember what a joyful day it was being the first boy of my three sons. Nobody can take away the feeling of having a baby and holding him for the first time.

I listen to your show every day when I pick up my middle son and do a lot of laughing thinking how can people ask question that I can answer. I bet you have a mute button so people can't hear you hitting the desk or rolling your eyes when they ask something off the wall. You give lots of wonderful advice and I really do appreciate all that you say and do!

I am my kids' mom and I try to do the right thing! Sometimes I get in trouble.

Have a great day Dr. Laura! I will be listening in a bit in my car!

Tags: Attitude, I am my kid's mom, Joy, Parenting, Stay-at-Home Mom
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