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Email of the Day

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Dr. Laura:

I'm a new listener, and I call your show "The Gift That Keeps on Giving."  My oldest son is nine years old, and we have a loving, honest and strong line of communication. 

As I picked him up from school recently, he told me a fellow third grader started talking about "having lots of sex with girls," so we pulled over and had the sex talk right then and there.  He sat next to me in the front seat, and I didn't sugar coat it.  We named proper body parts, and I told him how important it was to save sex for marriage, because it is the most precious gift you can ever give your wife and best friend, and it's a gift you can never get back.  I told him that telling family and friends that you're expecting a baby should be exciting news, not news that will cause worry and dismay, and ultimate pain and instability.  

My advice to the squeamish parents out there is to be honest with your kids about sex, or they will find a version of the truth from another source, which might lead them down a painful and tough road.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for being so adamant on the importance of marriage before "shacking up" and making babies.   You may just be the last voice of reason for women today.

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