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Email of the Day

The Goal of Parenting

My 13 year-old son was sick and home alone from school when all the smoke alarms went off in our house.  He first called 9-1-1, scooped up the pets, and then called me at work from the front yard.  He did exactly what he should have done.

I arrived home in time to be greeted by two fire engines and the fire chief, who was holding a defective smoke detector.  After they left, I told my son how proud I was of him, because taking action like he did required courage and bravery.  Then I went into another room and privately let my feelings of being punched in the stomach surface.  I thought, "why didn't he call me first?" I was hurt that I wasn't the first person he turned to in an emergency.

And then I thought of you, saying to so many callers (I'm paraphrasing):  "the goal of parenting is to make children not need you," so this should be a huge "YAY" moment instead of the one I was letting myself sink into. 

The truth is my son is braver than I am.  My 13-year-old self would have been trying to get hold of mommy and daddy first while the house burned down.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was jealous of my son's bravery.  And I also felt I was deprived of a moment where I could come to the rescue and feel important.  I then let those feelings slowly fade away, which was deeply satisfying, and realized that just like my son didn't need to call me, I was able to work through this moment without calling YOU, because I've listened to you for so long, and have learned from your teaching!


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