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Letters From Listeners

The Grandparent and Grandchild Relationship

Some responses to Dr. Laura's Facebook question:  "What is your favorite memory from spending time with your grandparents?"

Sara: My grandfather taking me out for a ride in his 1929 Model A Ford. Antique cars were his passion. That same grandfather also bought me my letter jacket in high school when I earned my varsity letter. Athletic achievement was something he particularly respected. I'm so glad I was able to accomplish that when I did because he died of cancer just a year later.

Daniella:  The stories they would tell of my great grandparents- like the one who was a bootlegger in the great depression so he could make ends meet and my great grandmother who would make her own sauerkraut. Also learning how to make various foods from scratch; the only time I was ever able to make a decent pie crust was when my grandmother stood over me. But my grandpa always said recipes should be kept simple and there is no need to add extra ingredients. I miss my grandparents so much!

Theresa:  When my grandma, Nini, was going through Alzheimers, I would come up with funny sayings and ask her how to say them in Italian. Her mind kept working and she loved them. Our favorite was, "I blew a fart" which was pronounced (not sure how to spell it) Feechee new bittitonay. I would say that and Nini would laugh and say, "Oh, salute salute." Right up until she was on her deathbed. I sure do miss her.

Kelly:  Both of my father's parents were musicians; Grandma a concert pianist and Grandpa wrote music for and toured with Big Band Era Artie Shaw in his band. We played lots of music together and Grandma's last performance was at my wedding 22 years ago. She played "Clair de Lune" and it is on video! My mother's parents were more laid back; Grandma cooked wonderful family meals and Grandpa would talk politics! We all thought he was funny; Grandma didn't, but was a good sport. I spent nearly every weekend as a child visiting one or the other! I was blessed I had grandparents growing up!

Deb: Helping my gramma to quilt and sew stuff, my grampa? Berry picking. Ya, was always fun. We forgot my niece in the bushes one day after a day of berry picking, and we drove about 5 miles just to discover she wasn't in the vehicle. When we drive back to the woods, she was still picking berries..oblivious we had left and came back.

Ruth:  Picking my grandmother's raspberries out of her garden. She would tell me to go pick some for dinner. Needless to say more ended in my tummy than the table. My dad would tell me quit eating them, and my grandma would always say, "Those are my raspberries and she can eat as many as she would like." It made me feel so special that I could have as many as I liked.

Julienne: I have a few from my grandparents. My maternal grandfather driving to downtown LA everyday, playing kitchen with me and pretending to eat the food I "cooked", and his butt indentation on his couch; my fraternal grandparents always doting on me; and my step-grandmother's filipino cooking, humming, and hugs. I miss them all. The only one alive is my step-grandmother. I have to give her a hug real soon and tell her I love her so much.

Michelle: Tied-- my grandparents had a swinging door leading from their 'mud room' to the patio, and it creaked very loudly. Rrrrrrrnk...BANG! Rrrrrrnk..BANG! I think about that, and the family get togethers--most of us lived within 10 miles of him, so sometimes it was weekly, but ALWAYS after the first deer hunt/ fishing trip of the seasons--we'd have a huge family dinner. Our cousins would be there, and they had purchased the lot next door and kept it just empty so we kids had plenty of room to run and play. Which we would: Hide N Seek, Red Rover, Freeze Tag...kill the kid with the ball. Because of that, my cousins were my best friends growing up and remain close to this day. Then, one of my favorite Pawpaw's, calling out when you walked in the door... "Git on in here and git yerself sumthin' t' eat!"

Nancy: I loved going through my grandma's jewelry box with her. She'd let me try everything on, and tell me the stories behind the pieces. I'm sure most of it was costume jewelry. She raised my mom through the Depression, after all, but in my 7 year old eyes, everything was a precious gem.

Janie: I was so fortunate to grow up in a close relationship with both sets of grandparents and a set of great grandparents. Someone was ALWAYS home! We never had to worry about going home to an empty house. I loved hearing the stories they would share with us about when they were younger, poorer, struggling, and loving life. I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!!!!

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