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Email of the Day

The Greatest Gift You Could Give To A Child

I grew up in a family that seldom gave a hug.  Fortunately, I married into a family that enjoyed hugging, and I eventually became comfortable giving hugs.  Four years ago, I became a grandmother, and when my granddaughter was an infant and toddler, I enjoyed cuddling with her, but as she got older, she informed the family that she was now a BIG girl, so I thought that meant "no hugs.

Several months ago, I heard you say that "touch" was the greatest gift you could give to a child. I was surprised and vowed to give my granddaughter more hugs whenever possible.  One afternoon, I was in the kitchen, and she was in the next room playing with her toys.  Then she walked in, and stood near me, not saying a word.  I wondered if she were hungry or if she wanted to play with me or if there were some other problem.   I wanted to hug her, and I heard your words in my head.  So, I knelt to her level and wrapped her snugly in my arms.  And her little arms held me very tightly.  When we drew apart, she said "Mimi, I will love you forever...until I die!"  My little sweetheart wanted a hug all along and didn't know how to ask for it.  How grateful I was that I had heard you months ago and knew what to do.  Thank you!

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