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Email of the Day

The House We've Made a Home

My husband made it clear when I was pregnant with our daughter that I would be a stay-at-home mom, and that my job from then on would be to nurture her and any other future children we'd have.  We had two kids in three years, and our days were filled with walks, swimming, trips to the public library and loads of at-home playtime.  I always took short videos of our adventures several times a month, so I now have an online library of hundreds of recorded memories from when my kids were babies until now. 

Recently, my daughter (now 10) asked if I had ever been mean to them when they were little.  I was shocked and puzzled by the question until she said she sometimes saw other mothers who were so impatient and mean to their little kids!  So, showed my kids some of my favorite video clips from when they were tiny.  It was obvious how happy they were in our home.  We made simple chores of making the bed into a game of peek-a-boo with the sheets; we washed dishes in a sink full of bubbles to play in; they had afternoon rides on the lawnmower in Daddy's arms to put them to sleep.  My kids love the little house we've made a home. 

Thank you for being the angel on my shoulder who whispers guidance and wisdom into my ear daily.  You've helped me grow by leaps and bounds in the short eight months since I've become an obsessive listener!

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