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Letters From Listeners

The Importance of Grandparents

I listened to you read a message about a grandfather and his grandson building a new bicycle. It made me smile because I also have a close relationship with my oldest grandson.

When my son was going through a divorce, both son and grandson moved in with us. I am 65+ so I thought I was finished with raising children. As my son struggled to come to grips with a failed marriage, I saw him become a wonderful father. But I also found myself becoming a mother figure to my grandson. One night, he came downstairs and got into our bed between his Nana and Papa. It broke my heart when he took my hand and his papa's hand and put them together on his little heart. I realized then that we were his security. I taught him how to ride his bicycle running and holding the bike upright and sweating more that I ever thought I could. But when he finally got to where he could ride it himself, he was so proud! When he showed his dad and papa, he rode around the entire block. I was so proud of him. I also watched with joy when I had him run in the rain just for fun. He did not have to worry about getting his jeans wet...just run and enjoy the rain.

Fast forward 10 years, and he is doing great in a Christian private school. I still am close to him, picking him up almost everyday from school.  We discuss things of importance. He still calls me Mama sometimes, but I let it go. We have built wonderful memories.


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