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The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands (and Boyfriends?)
IconDear Dr. Laura, I am one of your faithful listeners-though I am a liberal and our opinions on some issues differ, I find you to be one of the few (make that probably the only!) female voices that discusses topics about taking care of men honestly! (I read 'How to survive a Shark Attack' as well and it was amazing but I am writing you about 'The Proper Care...' because of the immediate impact it has had on me and my relationship). I am not yet married (we are waiting to be more financially stable) but I have found The One. It is so true what you say in TPCAFOH-that men are born of women and thus live to take care of and seek approval from, the woman they love. Although our relationship has been terrific-and my man has many times commented on how well I take care of him I knew I still had much to learn (especially since I am still a future wife). I have been listening for years about this book and have finally read it. It's amazing all of the little things I could be doing that would make tremendous strides in my man's attitude and demeanor-and how he treats me! What I would like to stress to any woman out there who still doesn't think The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands is valid is no matter who you are, what background you are from, where you stand politically or religiously, any and all women who have a man in their lives (one they'd like to keep!) can benefit from this book and its teachings. This is not a book that encourages "submission" or inequality between men and women. There's probably a lot of liberal (and I'm sure even conservative) women out there who still deny the truths this book states so simply. I hope these women see letters like mine and are enlightened to the joy they can receive from following just a few tips from this book. Respecting your man, treating him like a king-these are not things that make you, as a woman, submissive or beneath your man. In fact, you will find the opposite results: your man, feeling physical love from you, being nurtured in the simplest of ways and being respected for the good man he is will make you feel POWERFUL. YOU are really the leader of your home life-so make it a home worth living in! I (and I'm sure Dr. Laura) will promise things can change instantly! A smile, a flirtation, etc., may sound silly or like a small thing but it WILL pay off! Thank you Dr. Laura. I may be a liberal woman, but I am still a woman and girl who wants to take care of my man and be taken care of. No inequality or oppression in that! Sincerely, A. P.S. How do we get The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands as required reading for women before marriage?
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