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Email of the Day

The Strength of Family

My only child was diagnosed with a rare liver disease at age 21 and will need a liver transplant sometime in the next 10 years.  We've listened to your show since he was a child, and I thought I'd share what a 23-year-old adult man thought about his stay-at-home mom after all these years:

Mom, the more I grow and learn about the world, the more I appreciate you.  You were always there to teach me, make me a good meal, understand me, and genuinely care for me, always trying to be the best mother you could be.  You never abused me, humiliated me, and never used me.  You chose a man over 30 years ago who would be a wonderful father when the time came.  The most profound gift of all that you gave me though was your pure and unconditional love.  I know what most do not:  that MY mother truly loves me...that she always has and always will.  And I love YOU, Mom - always have and always will.  Because of your profound efforts throughout the years of my life, you will always have my gratitude, loyalty and devotion.  And you will loved.

I know we have some very difficult times ahead of us as a family, but the strength of our family unit will bond us through the tough years to come.  Thanks for your guidance and wisdom and showing that being a stay-at-home mom is worth every effort and sacrifice.


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