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Letters From Listeners

The Synchronicity of Life

My husband and I have had two crazy years. To make a long story short, we decided to let go of a job he had for over 12 years because we could not handle the immorality of how they did business. He started a new company and money has been tight. He has also had to travel a lot. Despite it all, we have never been better. We tell ourselves all the time "Happy are those who dream dreams, and are willing to pay the price to make them come true".

I, of course, am a daughter of Dr. Laura so the love and support I have for my husband is unwavering. He has all my respect and admiration and I am blessed to have such a man.

Listening to your program today I heard you tell a woman about the movie with Ben Affleck which depicts a year in his character's life, trying to survive corporate downsizing and how his wife was what saved him. I started to tell my husband about it briefly in a passing phone conversation, but I could not remember the name of the movie... I could only say, "Dr. Laura mentioned a movie we should watch." Tonight my husband called me and said, "I just watched the best movie. It was so good. It really inspired me for our situation."  He went on to say it was "Company Men"! I could not believe it.  This was the title to the movie you recommended. He wants to watch it with me when he gets home. He said it really made him feel like we were going to be alright!

Thank you so much Dr. Laura. Those words would never be enough. I know I owe everything good in my life to you. I may not have my mom, but I have you.


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