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Email of the Day

The Value Of Working Hard

Dr. Laura:

I am a fifth-grade teacher, with 31 students in my class, ages 10-12.  At least HALF of them whine and complain at the simplest of tasks.  They act as if everything is too much work.  They don't know how to solve simple problems like finding a lost pencil or getting paper to write on.  Everything is boring to them.  They put almost no effort into their learning.  On top of that, they have zero manners.  They blurt out, interrupt, and distract others on purpose.  Usually, I expect this from a class coming back from summer break, but this is the first time in twelve years of teaching that I've seen this kind of behavior as late in the year as April.

Half of my class is failing, and of those failing, one hundred percent of them own video games, have nice shoes, cellphones, Facebook accounts, and gold chains around their necks.  They stay up late and eat whatever junk they want any time of day.  Their parents work, and they're in some kind of aftercare until 6PM, when they go home to exhausted parents

I'm frustrated because I went to school to learn how to teach kids math, reading, science, social studies, art, music and physical education.  It is the job of the parents to teach their kids at HOME about manners, and about working to "earn" privileges and nice things.  Parents set their kids up for failure when they don't teach them this at home, and they make the job of being a teacher nearly impossible.

Lazy, entitled and abandoned kids are ruining the educational experience for every child

who is well-behaved and appreciates the feeling of earning, and for every teacher who has something wonderful to offer.  I leave work frustrated at parents, annoyed with kids, and exhausted at having gotten through only three-quarters of my objectives for the day.  Keep reminding parents that it is important to the universe that their kids know the value of hard work and earning.

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