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Email of the Day

The Value of My Children

Twenty-two years ago, I was a high-powered saleswoman, making $200,000 a year.  Since I was in the car a lot, I started listening to talk radio and there you were, telling me to stay at home with my kidlets.  It didn’t even dawn on me that I should do that, because I was the breadwinner.  I had a nanny and an assistant at the office, so I only worked three days a week.  That was three days too many.

I started counting the hours away from my son and compared that to the hours I was at home.  24 hours away was too much to handle, so my husband and I put our heads together.  We started a business that I could do from the house.  I didn’t make nearly as much money, so I didn’t take lavish trips to Europe anymore.  But I was at every school drop-off and pick-up.  I volunteered for the classroom field trips.  I played Barbies and zoo and store and basketball and hopscotch.  Thanks to you and your harping, I am the proud mommy of wonderful kids.  My husband and I created a stable household and they benefited.  It all started with you, Dr. Laura, so thank you!

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