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Email of the Day

There Is No Substitute For Mommy

Dear Dr. Laura:

This is a letter to an unknown woman whose son I saw in the supermarket the other afternoon:

I happened to see a woman pushing your young son in a shopping cart when I was in the supermarket.  I didn't think much about it until I heard him ask sweetly "Can I get something for my mommy?"  The woman snapped back at him loudly and rudely "We are NOT buying anything for your mother!"  

I turned my head at this to find his sweet little face crestfallen and embarrassed.  A few aisles over I heard him ask if he could get you an apple.  The woman said "no," and again, his face fell.  

I don't know your situation, or why he wasn't in your care, but clearly, after observing the pair for a while, this woman did not hold any affection for your boy.  She didn't make conversation with him or smile at him.  She offered no happy hugs or playful banter.  She was there about her business, which certainly didn't include making your child feel loved, or, in this case, even WANTED.  My heart went out to your child.  I wanted to give him a hug and tell him how sweet and thoughtful he was to be thinking about you.  He, after all, was loving YOU all day.


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