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Letters From Listeners

They Came Back


Recently a listener called about getting breast implants. She said she didn't want to go bigger, she just wanted them to stand at attention.

My boobs dropped after childbirth, then a few years later after surgery and a successful weight loss off 100 lbs.; my boobs were literally deflated. They were pointing at my toes. After the weight loss, I started working out. When I start serious weight lifting with chest presses, my boobs started to come back! Now, after a year or so my boobs nearly look as good as they did in my 20s. They are absolutely at attention!

I wanted to share with your listeners that no surgery is needed for a lift. They can do this one themselves with a little hard work. No, they won't have the artificial look, but who wants that?

Love you Dr. Laura. My marriage and parenting has improved drastically since you became my daily therapist 2-3 years ago!!

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Tags: Behavior, Eat Less-Move More, Health, Response to a Call, Stress
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