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Letters From Listeners

Thin is Better than Dead


Dr. Laura,

Recently, I called you regarding me moving on from my cancer battle. I wanted to let you know I'm following your guidance and I'm already working with 3 pound weights and doing wall push-ups. I'm up to 2 sets of 30! I am determined to get my strength back and I have your words ingrained in my head: "Thin is better than dead." In fact any time I begin to have a pissy party, I remind myself I'm not dead. I survived this and I've got this!! Thank you for my mantra.

Here is a picture of myself when I was at my worst and how I look today. I WILL build my body back up and I will make sure to send you a picture of my accomplishments. Thank you again Dr. Laura for helping me come back stronger than ever!!!



Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Health, Regarding Dr. Laura, Woman Power
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