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Email of the Day

To the Gorgeous Woman Going After My Husband

A woman of my acquaintance is paying a lot of attention to my husband, so I've written a letter to her (so far unsent) that explains it all.  I wanted to share it with you and your listeners:

To the gorgeous woman going after my husband:

I realize that the hunk I've been married to for 14 years has it all.  He's handsome, he's "built" and he's got a great smile.  He's great with kids, because he's learned from 13 years of being a dad what works and how to roll with it when it doesn't.  He's not perfect, but he's definitely a "catch."  I, on the other hand, have a stoop in my shoulders, premature wrinkles and bags under my eyes.  I have several physical deficiencies that most couples our age don't have to deal with.  Does it sound like he got a raw deal?  Well, none of that matters because we originally chose each other, and we choose each other again and again every single day.

I know he's one in a million, and I treat him that way every day.  I speak to him and of him like the good man he is.  And he works harder, achieves more, and becomes even more alluring to other women because of it.  I do find YOUR behavior annoying, but I'm not worried about what HE'LL do.  You ARE very beautiful with a fully functioning body, but there is no contest.  He only has eyes for li'l old me.  So I suggest you take that energy and focus on your own husband.  Flip your hair HIS way, drop your voice seductively and whisper in HIS ear.  If it works so well for me, imagine the romance YOU could have.  And if you continue to ignore your husband, imagine the romance he could have without you, beautiful as you are.

Thanks Dr. Laura for teaching me how to be happy and make this amazing man of mine happy too!        


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