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Letters From Listeners

Tough Love Hurts, But There Could Be Worse

I must share with you a story of a young friend that I have. She is a military wife and has to really be a strong woman while her husband is deployed for many months at a time. Having two children, one being a son, has proved to be sometimes a hard task. 

When her son was around 14 years old, he asked to visit a friend for the night. When picking him up, she could tell something was not right with him.  He was acting extremely funny.  Home from deployment, her husband was driving the car and she told him to go straight to the drug store, they were buying a drug test. 

The son was grilled about what he took because she was sure he was on something. After the drug test was bought, he finally admitted it was his friend's mother's pills and they were not sure what they were. The husband, being the military man, made him pee where he could watch, so they could determine what it was that he took. My friend said she went crazy!!

She started screaming to her husband take his door off his room which he quickly did to try to calm her down. While he was taking the door, she took all his clothes, tv, computer, cell phone, etc. Then she ordered her husband to take the bed, but she left one blanket. Thinking about what else she could take, she then took his toothbrush and comb. She explained to her son. "You want to know how druggies live?? You are going to know how it is." For a month, he only had one change of clothes and one blanket. When watching her son on the floor sleeping she almost caved, but decided she would rather have tough love then a druggy son. 

I am so proud of her and think she deserves a MOM AWARD! You see this friend told me when she was younger, she never wanted children. Tough love hurts, but losing a child hurts worse. 


Tags: Addiction, Attitude, Behavior, Military, Parenting, Social Issues, Teens
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