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Email of the Day

Turn That Frown Upside Down

I had a stressful week and found myself snapping at my husband of 23 years more than once.  By Saturday night, the mood was tense.  I thought about how I could repair the damage, when I remembered your suggestion of a couples' bubble bath! 

I suggested it to my husband, and he immediately perked up. I ran to the tub, put the bath salts in, lit the candles and got in.  Then I waited....and waited.  I could still hear the TV in the next room, so I got out, dripping wet, put on my robe, and walked to the living room.  I looked at him and said "Get a clue!!"  We both started laughing!  But here's the important part - it had been so long since I had suggested something like this that he thought I was kidding!

Well, we HAD the bubble bath, and afterward, the intimate time spent together changed the whole mood in the house.  We're now both smiling!  Thanks for the tip, Dr. Laura!  Perhaps you should start making bath products to go with your boutique jewelry!


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