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Letters From Listeners

Value of Educated Stay-at-Home Moms

I'm attaching a link to an article that is trending online lately that made me proud to be a stay-at-home mom. It was beautifully written by Anne-Marie Miginnis, an Ivy League graduate who traded a career to be a stay-at-home mom. She talks about the value of educated women who chose to raise their children and the unique contributions they are able to make to the world.

Like her, I have a college degree. It is not from an Ivy League school, but nonetheless, one that I am proud of. I worked very hard to attend my university on full scholarship and feel that the work ethics, discipline and education I learned in college transcend into the home, where I am now working hard to teach my children the same core values.

Because I am able to use my time to teach and nurture my children, rather than drop them off at day care as I rush out the door to a "real job", both of my elementary age children read a grade above their peers, are accomplished musicians (we started lessons at 3 years old and I practice with each of them every day before school), and I am able to volunteer in their classrooms every week. If I didn't make the choice to be home to raise them, I simply would not have enough time, patience or energy to share these moments with them. I may not be showered with recognition from co-workers or contemporaries in my field, but my small circle of influence, my family, benefits from what I am doing.

Thank you for being a champion for children and stay-home moms! We've always known that what we are doing makes a tremendous impact on society for good, but it also makes a tremendous impact on our families' happiness, sense of well-being and security.


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