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Email of the Day

We Owe Our Son an Apology...

 Dr. Laura,

Almost a year ago we told our son to just worry about himself and DO NOT try to help someone in "need" meaning if he sees a fight at school go tell an adult, don't try to stop it (or if he sees someone being picked on), after he got suspended for helping another student to get his hat back from some jerk who took it.  The jerk took off after our son and our son did what he has been told to do defend himself.  Then it took two more times before this kid learned not to mess with our son, he apparently decided our son was a better target... After two more suspensions (our son defending himself) we just got tired and told him to FORGET what we had taught him for the first 10 years of his life.

I now see that was a HUGE mistake this was our "lazy" way out of having to be called into the principal's office... I will be apologizing tomorrow to my son and having a long talk with him. We parents need to remember our morals and beliefs and pass them on to our children not just sit back because it is easier that way. Also, need to remember that just because it is a "school rule" doesn't make it right. Best example is the STUPID RULE that our children not fight back and defend themselves when another student hits them, let me tell you I would rather pick up my children from school facing a suspension than to pick them up all bloodied and bruised because they "followed the school rules"...and like last year the day off will be one of fun and celebration.

(I did tell our son last year IN FRONT OF THE PRINCIPAL that I was very happy to be picking him up and not see him all bloodied and bruised...the principal interrupted me and said that was not appropriate.  I then told him I was talking to my son and while I understood the school's position, I did not agree with them, and to please not interrupt me then continued my praise to my son) I just hope this helps parents to remember to do the right thing - not the "easy" thing...


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