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Email of the Day

We Were Truly Blessed

Through listening to you, I came to realize what wonderful parents my brother and I were blessed with.  My mom was tough, but fair.  My dad traveled during the week, so she was judge, jury and executioner.  Yet we never heard "wait until your Dad gets home!" We were raised to "not disappoint our parents."  I wasn't afraid of them, but I truly respected them.  A year ago, while my mom battled for her life with lung cancer, heart failure and diabetes, I said to her "Mom, thank you for not being a drunk, drug addict , meddlesome in my marriage and for always being there for my brother and me."  Her simple reply was "you're welcome."

She rallied and came home six months ago, and one evening, she said she would feel better if she went and laid down, so she went to their bedroom, where in a few minutes she passed away.  We were all surprised, but as we looked back on it, it was a blessing, since she passed in peace and not in a hospital, and we were all nearby.  She was proud of being part of the "greatest generation" and lots of times I find myself telling my 91-year-old father "well, you know what Mom would say."  She was quick-witted and tough on the outside, but a marshmallow in the inside.  I've learned that good parents build a strong foundation for their children and don't seem to leave them until they know the children can carry on.

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