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Letters From Listeners

What My Teddy Bear Meant to Me as a Kid

Dr. Laura,

I was raised to believe a woman's value was based on her education, work achievements, and what she contributed to the world. While acting on these beliefs, I always felt like there was something more. That's when I found you! You rocked my world!

I didn't get it at first.  Why wouldn't you live with someone before marriage? Aren't stay-at-home moms just lazy slobs who take advantage of their husbands? So many questions, but I kept listening and then finally it made sense. I am now the proud mama of a 4-month-old boy and I have no intention of going back to work. My husband is the most amazing man I've ever met for so many reasons, but a big one is how hard he works so I can be there for our family!

Dr. Laura, thank you!

I was watching my little one play with his lion and I started to think about the teddy bear I carried everywhere as a kid. I took it with me because my mom had given it to me and it reminded me of her when she wasn't there. My son will never feel the sadness and the longing I felt when I was at day care all those long hours. All I wanted was my mom. Babies need their mommies! They need to be held, loved, sang to, played with... And it needs to be with Mommy! I couldn't believe I remembered this! The women who feel guilty when they abandon their children at day care should! It's heartbreaking!

Thank you for saying what so many when need to hear! You are a breath of fresh air!

Have a wonderful day!


Tags: Attitude, Feminism, Parenting, Purpose, SAHM stay-at-home mom, Social Issues, Values
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