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Email of the Day

What a Crazy World We Live In

Hi Dr. Laura,

As I lay in bed with my husband, we discussed the pocket fetal Doppler I purchased online so we could listen to our baby's heartbeat at home. I am 4 months along and excited that I can listen at home. I am cautious of using it too much for fear it could affect my developing baby. I looked up videos on YouTube regarding fetal Dopplers and was shocked to see a "related video" entitled which features a young woman who appears to be in her 20's, talking about the "easy", "painless" abortion she had. She smiled the entire way through the video, said she didn't regret the abortion, and if faced with another unplanned pregnancy, would have another abortion. I was disgusted.

What a crazy world - here I am, sitting in bed with my husband discussing our first child and my fear of using the Doppler too much. Then there is a young woman who says the abortion was the most ethical and humane choice for all parties involved. I wish more young women would have respect for life.

Thank you for your work Dr. Laura. You touch many lives!


Tags: Abortion, Health, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Read On-Air, Social Issues, Stay-at-Home Mom, Values
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