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Letters From Listeners

What a Difference a Year Can Make

I remember well my first day of seventh grade, which was my first day of Junior High School. I was so scared, I threw up that morning. I was 11-years-old, a December baby, one of the youngest in my class. I was physically undeveloped and very shy. I "knew" I was not ready for the transition. I still remember that year as being very traumatic for me. The older girls in P.E. class would watch me undress (I didn't wear a bra yet!), and I began changing clothes in the shower, all the time dreading the thought of someone throwing open the shower curtain.

When my own daughter came along with a late September birthday, I closely watched how her development compared with the other children her age which were starting kindergarten. Although she was very intelligent, her skills such as cutting and pasting were much less developed than her peers. My husband and I decided to hold her back another year. She began kindergarten the fall she turned six and proceeded to excel in school and also be at ease socially. She graduated from college summa cum laude and has friends all over the world. What a difference a year can make.

Thank you for taking a stand on what is best for children.


Tags: Education, Parenting, School
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