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Email of the Day

What is a Mother?

Dr. Laura, 

I just came across this poem I wrote as a teenager. I am so grateful I always had my mom as a role-model for what a mother should be. 

What is a Mother 

A mother is a verb, not a noun

A mother sacrifices her world to ensure her children never have to sacrifice their childhoods

A mother knows that building character is much more difficult than achieving a friendship

And she teaches you to build your character anyways

A mother must endure years of seemingly ungrateful and unrewarded work

But she is wise enough to understand the importance of the long-term outcome

A mother knows that ultimately raising a successful human means making sure they are independent adults

But her actions still allow them to be dependent on her when they are children.

A mother knows that to recognize what a person values most in life, you look at where they spend their time

And she doesn't look back 

On a side note, I am my daughter's mother 24/7 days a week and my husband's wife! There is no better job in the world. 

Thanks for your time, 



Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Values, Woman Power
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