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Letters From Listeners

What's Wrong with "MALES" Today? Just Be a MAN!

I was on a shuttle at the Phoenix airport...a 10 minute ride to my car. It was VERY full and I was lucky enough to find a seat after my exhausting trip. As I sat, an elderly lady, with a cane, entered the bus.  She slowly struggled up the stairs. I glanced around expecting one of the NINE "MALES" around me to get up, help her, and give her their seat.  Not one got up.  So I excused my 5"2, 128lb self, took her luggage, got her settled in my seat and stood over her holding her bag.

The "MALES" sighed, as if they were inconvenienced because we were being SOOOO slow.  I was livid and kept shaking my head.  This seemed unreal.  My dad would roll over in his grave.  Come on "MEN", earn that title.

Thanks for all you do Dr. Laura. We love you in Kansas.


Tags: Behavior, Chivalry, Manners, Raising Boys to Men, Real men, Traditional Roles, Traditional values, Values
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