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Email of the Day

When Did You Choose?
IconI don't know if you actually get an email sent to this address or not... I have listened to you for a long time... I am gay... my partner and I have a business, and we necessarily hire young guys who are not real organized in their lives to work here... I frequently tell them they need to listen to your show!! So often they refer to their shack-ups as their fiance, and I always take a moment to explain that you don't do your fiance... you wait until you are finally married to her... and until you are married AND have a way to care for the children you bring into the world, you need to keep it in your pants... I am not sure if I make any headway... but I provide you as a source of good information for organizing their lives... I am fully aware that you are not anti-gay... You know, except for the really far-out fringe, no gay person would ever tell you this is something they would CHOOSE or want... I think it is pretty much true that we all wish we were straight... I see nothing wrong in pointing out that gay is NOT the plan... I think you understand better than most hetero folk that this was NOT a choice we made... It is DNA and the way we were built at the factory... I don't understand it either... When a hetero guy asks me when I "became" gay, I always ask when he chose to be hetero -- when did he decide he would do girls instead of boys? He will stammer and tell me he ALWAYS was hetero, and there was never any doubt... BINGO! J.
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