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Email of the Day

Why Are You Always Rejecting Me?

"I'm tired." "I'm exhausted" "I need to tuck our daughter into bed" "I need to change the baby's diaper" "I need some alone time" "How about tomorrow?" "Maybe we can sneak it in during nap time" "Maybe". For too many weeks now, these have been my reasons, no wait, excuses, for not wanting to make love with my husband.

All that changed tonight after our daughter finally fell asleep in her own bedroom, and our three-month-old son fell asleep in his crib. And, I want to shout out to the entire world, especially all of those wives who think sex is the least important part of their marriage...My husband and I finally made AWESOME LOVE tonight. As you put it, Dr. Laura, a good orgasm really makes you feel better. And, if you really try, you can get yourself "in the mood".

The turning point for me was last night. My husband made some advances, I turned him down, and he said "Why are you always rejecting me?" Oh no. He sounded like the husbands who have been writing to you, explaining how frustrated they are at the lack of intimacy in their marriages. I did not want him to become one of those men writing to you.

So, I took your motherly advice. I properly cared for my husband. After just one night of intimacy, I feel so much closer to him. I feel young again, and rejuvenated, despite the sleep deprivation of new motherhood and raising an active toddler. I feel ready to be a better wife and happier SAHM. Worries and stresses that were bothering me only hours ago, are now deep in the back of my mind, if not out of my mind altogether. I feel relaxed, less tense, even optimistic about some other issues going on in our lives.

All of these good feelings came about just by letting go and sharing what is so special between a husband and a wife.



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