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Letters From Listeners

Why I Like My Best Friend, Shelley

Dear Dr. Laura,

When you wanted to hear about my best friend I could not pass up the opportunity to tell you about her.

WE have known one another since we were babies, our mother's were best friends, and we lived down the street from one another growing up. WE did all the childhood antics together, even trading houses for a weekend because we thought the other had "it better". WE found out, it was all the same!

Our lives have taken us in different directions over the years, she is in Northern California, I still in So. Cal. We may not call all the time, or email all the time, but anytime one of us needs something, a good laugh, a good cry or a good ear, we are there for one another in a heartbeat. She is my one true trusted confidant (outside of my husband!). We love one another like sisters.  And even though our children never grew up together, they refer to me as aunt and my friend Shelley is my children's aunt.

She is kind, generous, funny, loving caring and all in all a beautiful individual. One I could never ever leave behind.

As I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes, because when I went through my 25 surgeries throughout the years, she always sent me funny cards to cheer me up, she once sent me a card a day while I was in the hospital for a week!

She is one of a kind, and I am blessed to have her in my life.


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