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Email of the Day

Will He Love His Car or Me?

The first thing I noticed when I met my now husband was that he drove an old red car which had been out in the sun so long the hood was pink. Although it was old, it worked just fine and it was clean.  On top of that, I learned he had cleaned and detailed it himself.

This was a contrast from the other guys I had dated who all had nice cars - two years old or less.  They also had nice stereo systems they loved to blast while we would drive around and old containers of fast-food in their cars.

When I met my husband, he would turn off the radio every single time I got in the car because he would much rather talk. We would rarely talk about “things;” it was always about interests or opinions, which was so refreshing and different from the other guys who would go on and on trying to impress me with things.

It was exciting to find a guy more interested in me than his car.


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