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Email of the Day

With Loving Gratitude
After being bombarded in mid-January with impending Valentine hype, I decided to make my Valentine's Day last for weeks. For the 21 days preceding February 14th, I have daily offered to my husband something I call "…With Loving Gratitude.

I started with a surprise movie excursion and gave him a love letter explaining how the next three weeks I would be making him my Valentine every day. I’ve put love notes and silly treats under his pillow, written him poems of gratitude when he opened the morning paper, and cooked muffins in heart shaped cups. I have sent messages to the sign boards at ballgames and had a masseuse come to our home for a spa treat. There are countless ways to make him smile; placing fresh berries in a little red colander and reminding him how good we are together despite the "strain" of everyday life.

We are nearly 12 years married after having both been widowed in our 40's; me coming from a very joyful marriage, him not so. But what I do know is that while many never get a sweetheart even once in their life, I've been blessed with two and I think this might just continue to be an everyday thing for us.

And, by the way, he has reciprocated in not only acknowledging each surprise, but by doing the dishes and whistling, making those small home repairs without any prodding on my part,  and not touching the remote control when we drop into bed each night.

I'm so blessed to have a Valentine every day and in every way.

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