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Women - Let Him Be a Man

Hello Dr. Laura,

I am a mother of 5 sons. I and their dad raised them to be real men and treat women with respect and this includes chivalry. When I read your question "Why do you think men no longer display acts of chivalry" I thought to myself, not my sons! But then recalled a couple of talks I had with them about women they date/dated and the wives some have married. When I first heard my sons say "Mom, girls today don't like it when you open doors for them or treat them like ladies." I thought what have women become in today's world?? Morons!! The dictionary states a moron is a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment and this is what women have become.

One son stated he opened a door to the restaurant and the female date yelled at him for doing so. He never again went out with her. THANK GOD!

There are more instances to prove why men are lacking in chivalry today, but I think it's because women today brought into the thought that it is a sign of weakness to women for a man to care for a woman like a lady. I told my son the next time a female states she can do it herself; just to remember which person is smarter: The person that can do it themselves and does it OR the person that can do it yet allows another to do it out of respect for them.

Women if you truly want a real man...then let him be one!

Just my thoughts,


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