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Email of the Day

Working Moms And Their True Feelings

My sister and I often discuss the topic of "working moms," and the ridiculous things we've heard them say to justify the fact that they're really abandoning their children.  Here are just a few things we've heard from the mouths of working moms we've met:

  1. I'm going to leave my baby in there a few extra hours today, so I can spend some time at the mall.  That baby drives me nuts.

  2. Daycare is where kids are socialized.  It's the best thing you can do for a baby.

  3. I picked up my kid last year and she had a rash covering her entire body.  The employee said the daycare wasn't responsible.  I believed her and just took my kid back there because I don't want to have to deal with the kid.

  4. Working gives me freedom.  Kids drain your energy.  You need "you" time.  Daycare is the answer, trust me.

  5. I wish daycare was on weekends too.  I need a break then as well.

  6. The kids were screaming while I was on a conference call the other day.  I yelled at them and told them to go play or just get out of my way.  I don't think they understand that I work to buy them all the nice electronics they have.

  7. My husband says I need to work.  He would rather have me supporting our family than taking care of the kids at home.  It helps relieve him of the burden of being the sole support of the family.  Plus, the daycare girls are wonderful.  They sent me pictures of my baby taking his first steps!

  8. Stay-at-home moms are like those women who do yoga all day.  When you work, your husband sees you as "valuable" to the family.

  9. I don't see any stay-at-home moms in my city with as big a pool as we have.  We need the extra money!

  10. I have no voice in my marriage if I don't work.  You can't bark orders at your husband if you aren't making a monetary contribution to the family.  Money is the answer.

My sister and I still can't believe we've heard these things!  Unfortunately, the children are the ones who suffer.  Thanks for being a voice of reason and for making a difference in our lives.

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