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Letters From Listeners

Workplace Bites

This happened to me 20 years ago.

I finally received my 4 year degree and was able to move up in the company I was working at. I was offered a job as an HR manager, but it meant moving 4 hours away from where we were living. My husband had sustained an injury working so I knew, at this time in my life, I was going to be the paycheck for awhile. My husband and I agreed to the job and we were going to move.

I went first and spent a month in training and actually. I met the store manager and immediately had a fight or flight reaction. I should have run. He was very handsome and much older. He didn't flirt with me, but was obnoxious with the other women. Did I know about following my gut? Yes, but I ignored it. I heard rumors about him and his escapades but didn't come face-to-face with his perverted side until a little 16-year -old cashier came in and told me he was requiring the girls to give him blow jobs in his office. I called all of the women employees in and got written statements and then the call of truth -- I called corporate and reported him. What I didn't know was that the corporate guy was his buddy. Long story short, they tried to fire me, but I had enough information on the both of them to get them both fired.

I quit and moved back home. I was thrilled the store manager was finally fired, but it bothers me that he is still out there with potential victims. That job was the worst decision of my life.

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