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Email of the Day

Writing to an Adversary
IconHi Dr. Laura, One of the ways you've helped me will surely make you smile. Years ago on your program you described how to write a letter to an adversary so THEY would know what the text REALLY means, but anyone else reading the correspondence would think the writer was being sweet. Here's the story: A nasty, aggressive neighbor was putting evil notes in the rural mailbox attached to my fence post. I mean REALLY evil, with Satanic drawings and images with curses, like, "I hope you drop dead and your cattle die of boils." The letters were normally put into sealed envelopes with pictures of angels on them so I would be fooled into opening the disgusting notes, which, of course, would ruin the rest of my day. After listening to your show I received another Satanic message in my mailbox. I went out and bought a lovely card without text, and sent it to the nasty neighbor with, "Dear_____, May everything you have wished for me, return to you tenfold, and all your dreams and hopes for me rest on your doorstep forever." I never received another card again. You are absolutely brilliant and you have blessed my family in so many ways. Keep on keepin' on. Love you, "M"
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