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Letters From Listeners

YOU Choose Your Attitude

Hi Dr. Laura,

I was listening to your program on my way home from work today. You had a caller who decided that she was just unhappy. You told her to start acting happy and that can improve how you feel. With this you shared about how you continued to do your program after the death of your husband. It started me thinking about my own situation.

I'm the mom of 3 kids, my greatest blessings. I was married to their dad for just under 20 years when he lost a 2 and a half year battle to cancer; my kids were 16, 9 and 4. I've been asked many times how come I'm not upset or crying all the time. I have my moments but I just remind them that you have two choices in the way you go thru life - laughing or crying. The choice is yours and I've chosen laughing.

We all miss him but remember the love he had for us and all the good times. In the six years following his death, I'm happy to say that my kids are happy, healthy, productive, active in both our community and church. I want them to know that in most things in life nothing is a problem unless you make it one. You chose your attitude. Our lives aren't perfect, but we are happy and surrounded with loving family and friends and that is what matters. Thanks for being a voice of reason.


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