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Letters From Listeners

You CAN Homeschool

Dear Dr. Laura, 

I heard a caller worried she wouldn't be able to homeschool her children. I faced the same doubts myself. I researched homeschool options in the Big Book of Homeschooling, and then I thought I would do it one year at a time. If I bombed, my child wouldn't lose that much ground. We began in June so that if we didn't succeed she could go back to school in the fall. We joined a couple of local home school groups, as well as a Homeschool National Legal Defense. We homeschooled for a total of four years and I have to say they were wonderful years. I am probably closer to this child because of the time we spent together. I wasn't great at everything, but she made up for what I lacked when she went to private school in eleventh and twelfth grade. She had three math/science classes at once and did a stellar job. She's now transferring to UCLA as a mechanical engineering student as a junior --didn't suffer much with me! 



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