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Bonus Calls
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Robin and her husband are at war with his siblings...
January 13, 2017
Robin's husband asked to be put on the deed to his parents' house, and now his siblings are livid. What can Robin and her husband do to smooth things over?
Should Katie respond to her mother-in-law's rude comment?
January 13, 2017
Katie's mother-in-law recently badmouthed her parenting abilities. Should Katie fight back, or is she wasting her breath?
Should Lisa let her 22-year-old live at home?
January 12, 2017
Lisa's son wants to live with Mom and Dad while he saves money and thinks about graduate school. Is Lisa making a mistake by letting him stay with them?
Should Jessica go on vacation with the family's black sheep?
January 12, 2017
Jessica dislikes her brother-in-law's wife so much that she's contemplating not going on the trip her husband's parents invited them on. Does Jessica need to put her differences aside?
Natalie is struggling to keep her head above water as a stay-at-home mom...
January 11, 2017
As a mom to three little ones, Natalie feels overwhelmed just about all of the time. How can she make things more manageable?
How much should Melissa help out her daughter with college?
January 11, 2017
Melissa and her husband can only pay for half of their daughter's tuition. Should they make her take out the rest in loans?
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