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Jan 19, 2022 - Hour 1
Anna's communication woes don't look any better in light of her upcoming wedding date in three weeks.
Jan 19, 2022 - Hour 2
Teresa has a new man in her life, but her daughter isn't too enthused.
Jan 19, 2022 - Hour 3
Sue's seeking guidance on her next steps with the puppy she fosters for her step-father.
Jan 18, 2022 - Hour 1
Angie's husband has been following pretty women on Instagram, and it's bothering her.
Jan 18, 2022 - Hour 2
After reading an online article, Eric feels he's met the criteria of neglecting his wife.
Jan 18, 2022 - Hour 3
Robin feels caught between two friends and their own wedding invitation dispute.
Jan 17, 2022 - Hour 1
Tony's seeking reassurance he's doing the right thing by not supporting his son's decision to shack-up after high school.
Jan 17, 2022 - Hour 2
Alicia's husband is upset with his job, and brings this energy into their marriage.
Jan 17, 2022 - Hour 3
Tia's worried about moving forward with a friendship that got in the way of her marriage.
Jan 14, 2022 - Hour 1
After confronting his daughter about neglecting her child, Chris's family has blown up.