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5 Body Language Tips

Body language not only reinforces what you say when you speak. It can also improve your mood. Here are five body language tips that speak volumes:

1. Improve your posture. Putting your shoulders back and down boosts your mood and energy. I often tell callers on the air to sit up straight because I can hear when their bodies are all folded up and slouching. It allows them to get enough air into their chest cavity and warm up their vocal cords to make a statement.  

2. Smile. When we see a smile, our brains want to smile too.

3. Mirror. When I got credentialed in hypnotherapy, one of the first lessons we learned was mirroring. If you start nodding or breathing at the same rate as someone else, it increases your rapport and makes the person feel closer to you. Try that when you’re talking with somebody today; you’ll feel the whole relationship get warmer.

4. Make yourself look big. Have you ever seen a pufferfish or chimpanzee puff up to look big and establish dominance? The more room you take up, the more confident and powerful you look. Practice in front of a mirror.

5. Make eye contact. Two people sitting and looking into each other’s eyes for just two minutes is enough to create increased feelings of affection. When we make eye contact, we are more self-aware and invested in the other person.

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