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5 Truths Most People Are Too Scared or Stubborn to Admit

Life’s truths can be tough to embrace. However, these truths still exist whether you choose to accept them or not. Here are 5 truths most people are too scared or stubborn to admit to themselves.

  1. You have more control over your inner world than you know or want to believe. We often get it into our minds that in order to be happy, first certain things have to fall into place. We wish we had different relationships, better health, or more exciting opportunities. We all would love to just be scooped up, dusted off, patted on the head, and hugged when we want things to be made better. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We have to close the gap between what we wish existed and what actually exists.

  2. You don’t have to be who other people want you to be. It’s natural to want to be liked, but when you don’t stand up, speak out, and take positions, you’re being inauthentic. If you’re inauthentic to yourself, you’ll be easily confused about where you fit in and insecure about your own meaning and value.

  3. Your perceptions from childhood last a lot longer than you think. There are many buried thoughts you get from childhood that are self-limiting because you inherently take them as true. You just believe them, but you never test them.

  4. There’s a price for everything. If you’re not willing to pay it, you won’t get it. Sit down and think to yourself, “I want this goal. What do I have to sacrifice to get it?” Set up a hierarchy of what’s valuable in your life. What are you going to sacrifice that’s less valuable to you to get what you value more?

  5. Your passion requires your participation. Your passion is not something you “find”, like a sock in your dresser drawer. You develop passion when you commit yourself to it full boar.

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