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6 Tips to Avoid Temptation and Remain Faithful to Your Spouse

The only irresistible temptation is the one not resisted. Here are my tips for avoiding temptation and remaining faithful to your spouse:

  1. Recreate the memories. Every couple has wonderful memories that take us back. Cherish those memories again. Do the dumb, cute, and ridiculous things you did that made you fall in love.

  2. Spend quality time together. Go on a vacation just the two of you. Have a spur-of-the-moment romantic date.

  3. Find out what the problem is. At least half of the problems couples have are because they don’t talk to each other. Talk things out and come up with a solution.

  4. Don’t go to bed angry. Take out an old video of you having fun and watch it together.

  5. Flirt with your spouse. Affairs usually start because you’re courting and doing sweet things for someone else. Instead, do those things for your spouse. That’s how you rekindle romantic feelings.

  6. Remember your vows. Unless your spouse is violent, an addict, or unfaithful, there is probably a way back, so try harder!

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