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Email of the Day

Changing My Marriage Overnight

I was a feminist and a product of divorce where I was told a man wasn't needed! However, I am happily married for over six years to my husband, who slays dragons every day.

Recently, I could tell things were "off" in our marriage, so I reread the first chapter of "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" when he wasn't around and took notes.  I thought "what can I do today that will make this marriage peaceful and my husband happy that he married me?"   I thought I was creating harmony, but I wasn't trying hard enough.  Feminists dismiss this kind of work as unnecessary, saying women shouldn't have to do "XYZ" to keep a man.

My husband is neat and wished that I would keep our home neat and clean, so #1 on my new list was "Keep our home tidy."  I put away the dishes, cleaned up the cat food and was on top of the laundry.  Second, he suggested that he wanted me to initiate sex more.  So, I lost some weight to be more confident and began to initiate romance more.  Third, I knew I had to communicate better with him, and learn to be okay with the fear of being vulnerable.  Once I implemented these things, my marriage literally changed for the better in one day.  You're right - women do have the power in a relationship and once you accept that it's okay to care for and feed your husband and that marriage IS important, you're both happier.  It's made all the difference in the world.  Thank you, Dr. Laura!  


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