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Compliments Men Love to Hear

Everyone loves to be complimented.  When is the last time you complimented your man?  

  1. "I love being your wife." Men love knowing that their wives are happy and satisfied about being married to them.  

  2. "You are a great dad." Take time out in front of the kids to compliment him. Tell the kids why he's so special to you and to the world.

  3. "You're hot." We always think of women as the gender that is into looks, but guys are the same way. 

  4. "I respect you." Your average guy would rather hear, "I respect you," than "I love you."  If you're always questioning or criticizing his decisions, it implies that you don't think he makes good decisions, which means you don't respect him (and that's devastating). 

  5. "I love how you provide for our family." Men take great pride in providing for their families. So let him know how much you appreciate it. 

  6. "Can you help me with _______?"  Guys like to be problem-solvers. So when you ask for their help, they feel admired and appreciated. 

For more tips, read my book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.


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