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Letters From Listeners

Could the Tide Be Turning?

Dear Dr. Laura,

My admiration for you reached new heights after I was attacked on a conservative website for saying children are better off when their mothers stay home. I know whereof I speak; my mother worked, and I found it difficult to deal with her absence. I shared that experience, and in response, another woman stated she had friends who felt they we better mothers when they worked. I asked her if those women had ever asked their children how they felt about it.  At that point, a couple of women said children don't know what is best for them. Someone pointed out studies have shown children do better with stay at home mothers.  The women dismissed those studies as meaningless. These women didn't care what scientific studies say, and they didn't care how the kids felt either; the only thing they cared about is what they wanted.

The other women on that site told me I was bitter and I had no right to say children are better off with stay at home mothers.  They said I was projecting my ugliness onto others. I was starting to get discouraged, when a couple of people came to my defense.

Later, when I reviewed the conversation, I realized I received far more "likes" than my opponents did. So there is hope, but there wouldn't be if it weren't for you.  Thank God for you, Dr Laura. Thank you for defending children and the women who want to care for them.


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