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Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop

You probably know about it or have seen the YouTube video that has millions, and millions of people viewing it -- probably again and again.  This dad shot "dead" his teenage daughter's laptop.  If you aren't aware of this video, watch it below; I think seeing the dad is important:  he's a trim-looking, cowboyish-type dude.  He looks like an easy going guy.    And he had a cute hat on too.   

I looked around on the TV shows to see what psychologists had to say about this incident.  And please, never call me a psychologist; call me a psychotherapist - I don't want to be even accidentally identified with some of the unbelievably stupid comments I heard from them regarding whether the father did the right thing...

Warning: if there are children around, there are some bad words in the video, but I think they are important because of the context and because of who said them.

The only difference between that dad and me?  I would have re-loaded.  There is a point at which you've more than got to draw a line in the sand. I was impressed with him. I think what he did was completely right on. 

I think some of the folks who are against it, are against it because they're freaked out by the gun.  If he had put the laptop in a trash compactor, there would probably be less reaction to it.  I think a lot of people who don't handle guns got freaked out by it, but if you see his demeanor through the entire video, there's no "psycho" behavior there.  He's totally in control.  He's very relaxed.  You can tell he's in pain as a parent and he's had enough.  I stand 100% by what he did, including the posting of it, although I have no idea what's going on in that family right now. 

I've got a feeling someone's going to offer him a television show! 

And if you'd like to have a laugh, there's a mom who did a spoof of the laptop- shooting dad.  By the way, she totally supports what that dad did.


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