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Letters From Listeners

Family Is More Important

Hi Dr. Laura,

I put together a small list of things that I won't have to worry about, because I am an avid and true listener. I thought you would get a kick out of this list. Enjoy!

  1. I won't have to worry about how much milk or how many bottles I send to daycare.

  2. I won't have to stress about where to put my babies when they are "too sick" to go to daycare.

  3. I don't have to stress out about writing names on all of my babies' clothes and personal items.

  4. I don't have to stress out that my husband may be getting emotional support from a co-worker or friend because I AM not present to fulfill his needs at home.

  5. I won't ever have to accept the phrase "don't worry, just order dinner" or "don't worry--they'll just get used to it.

I will never have to worry about all the failures that come with having a child that I cannot care for, because work was "more important".  I just wanted to remind you that I am listening to all that you have to say and my life has totally changed because of it!



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