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How to Know Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Having a great relationship that will probably last forever is not a crapshoot. There are certain qualities that make it happen, but it takes several years to ensure those qualities are there. The problem is, people often don’t want to put in the time or investment, so it blows up in their faces. 

Here are 8 signs that your relationship has what it takes to stand the test of time:

  1. You trust each other. Nobody is checking each other’s emails or Facebook accounts. You’re not going through pockets or wallets. You know this a quality person who hasn’t breached your trust.

  2. You accept each other’s pasts. You know about each other’s upbringings, past boyfriends and girlfriends, and their stupid mistakes. If you can’t accept who they are now and let go of the past, you shouldn’t be moving forward with them.

  3. You have faith in them even when they don’t have faith in themselves. Nobody is going to be at their best or strongest all of the time. You need to buoy each other up.

  4. You both put in the effort and show each other gratitude. You appreciate what the other person does for you, and vice versa.

  5. You communicate. You know how to talk to each other and resolve issues and setbacks.

  6. You can’t keep your hands off of each other. You love to kiss and touch.

  7. You respect each other. You may have different interests, tastes, and opinions. Yet, you still support and encourage each other.

  8. You have common goals. When it comes to where you want to live, pets, and kids, you both want the same thing. It’s not your dream and my dream. It’s our dream.

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