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"Human" Global Warming
IconThose of you who listen to my radio program know that I end each hour with "Now, go do the right thing!"  Well, I'm happy to report that that phrase was brought home to me last week.After working on a local telethon, my husband and I went to a local restaurant with our best friend.  When we arrived, there was only a table for two available, and people at every occupied table were just starting their meals. It was going to be a long wait!I looked around the restaurant again and noticed a tall gentleman sitting side-by-side with a young child.  They were each at a table for two that had been pushed together so they could sit next to each other.  I said nothing, and hopefully, my face betrayed nothing. It was barely a moment later when the gentleman motioned over the server and he and the child got up and moved to that available table for two.  When he saw me notice this move, he pointed to his table for us to take it.  As he sat down at his new table, I went over to hug him.  I said, "That is so kind of you.  Thank you so much!"  He came back with "It was the right thing to do."He warmed my heart.  He taught the boy a lesson in selfless generosity.  He was a role model for everyone in the restaurant who noticed, and now you know about him, too.That's the kind of "global warming" for which I believe human beings should be responsible.
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